December 30, 2021

Dear Residents, Families, and Community,
Thank you to all of you who have reached out offering your kind words and thoughts for the Employees, Management, and Residents and Families that are being impacted by the current situation with the widespread effect of the Omicron variant. As you have seen by our communications, The Village, like other healthcare facilities, is experiencing a rapid surge in the number of Employee and Resident Covid-positive cases at all three Communities.
The number of Employee cases has created extreme challenges for staffing. Our management team has been monitoring staffing and resident care working to ensure that Resident needs are met. We have implemented a number of strategies in addition to continued recruitment including Employee incentives to cover open shifts, attempts to utilize contract (agency staffing), and utilization of management and support staff in providing services to residents. Unfortunately, agencies are facing the same challenges and unable to provide additional support and the number of current and anticipated impacted Employees continues to grow.
The CDC recently issued revised guidance on return to work criteria for healthcare personnel, which offer several provisions based on current conditions to mitigate staffing shortages. At this time, we will be modifying our return to work and exposure policies to what is provided under the CDC’s guidance for Contingent and Crisis staffing to allow Employees to return to work prior to the conventional 10 day isolation (or 7 days with two negative tests). Under the revised protocols, Employees who test positive and exhibit either no symptoms or mild improving symptoms will return to work wearing appropriate PPE as to provide protection to Residents and other Employees. Additionally, Employees with Exposures will be permitted to work regardless of vaccination status utilizing testing, monitoring for symptoms and use of PPE. Our clinical team will be closely monitoring to prioritize these decisions.
We believe that this decision is in the best interest in providing care to the Residents during these extreme challenges. You have our ongoing commitment that we will continue to ensure that you and your family members are cared for and that we will continue to provide updates as our situation improves.

Danielle Maur, Vice President of Operations