It has been said the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.
While many of us say we yearn for immortality, in truth, most of us have little interest in living several extra decades- unless we can also ensure good health, mobility, mental acuity, companionship and the resources to do what we please. Instead of physically living forever, we each find other ways to be remembered. Individuals of both modest means and those with significant wealth have found ways to “live forever” through thoughtful and strategic legacy gifts.
By definition, legacy gifts are planned donations to charities that have been instrumental to you and your loved ones. These designated gifts, most commonly given through a will, allow organizations to continue future work and often personally attribute you as the donor- forever!
The Village of St. Edward is one of our community’s treasures, for more than fifty years providing a safe, faith-based home for more than 200 seniors- grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors who continue to fully live each day. Legacy gifts are permanent and have continued to benefit The Village and honor the donors years after the initial gifts.
Legacy gifts to The Village of St. Edward Foundation have already:
• Established the Nyeste Benevolent Care Fund to ensure no resident will ever be asked to leave The Village should they outlive their resources
• Provided for the St. Edward Chapel from the estate of Margaret Anne Brosnan
Future legacy gifts could:
• Create indoor and outdoor wheelchair accessible planters so residents can dig, plant, weed and enjoy gardening year round
• Provide painting and drawing therapy programs for residents no longer able to communicate with words
• Help residents with dementia find joy petting robotic pets and cuddling lifelike baby dolls
• Be gratefully remembered forever by naming a room, building or outdoor space at The Village of St. Edward Fairlawn campus
• Endow a named fund to ensure one-on-one spiritual care of current and future residents
• Support on and off-site educational opportunities for The Village’s nurses and caregivers
A planned gift might include gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement assets, insurance policies or a combination of these, and may be of any dollar value. While it is advisable to speak to your tax, financial or legal advisor for specific questions, simple bequest language, specifying either a dollar amount or percentage of your estate, can easily be added to your will. If you have already included your favorite charity in your will, let them know so they can thank you and encourage others. If you have not yet considered a planned gift, consider the organizations you love and the ways you might be able to live- forever!
For more information about The Village of St. Edward Foundation, feel welcome to contact Vondea Sheaffer, VP of Development at (234) 466-0556.